2018 Nigerian Dwarf Goat Babies

Say HELLO to our Nigerian Dwarf kids for 2018!

Prices on doelings are $250. If the doeling has blue eyes, the price is $300. Contact us about putting a Paypal deposit on your favorites! All Nigerians are registerable with AGS.

Price on bucklings is $150. Wethers are $75. Bucklings with blue eyes are $175.

THREE DOELINGS STILL AVAILABLE AS OF 7-13, Ginger Snap, Pretty Pansy and Muffin Top all have a doeling available. All have brown eyes and are priced at $250 each.








Pretty Pansy has 2 doelings, born 4/19. Darker doeling has blue eyes.

Blue eyed doeling SOLD-SANDY



Muffin has 2 doelings, born 4/28.

Doeling with white patch is SOLD (Allison)




Fudge Brownie has 2 doelings, born 4/28. The dark doeling on the right has blue eyes. The darker doeling with blue eyes is SOLD (cody). Light colored doeling SOLD-JAMES





Blue Velvet had 1 doeling and 1 buckling, born 5/1. The doeling (on the left) is SOLD. The buckling is on the right and has the cutest topknot!













In A Jiffy had 2 doelings, born 5/2. Both SOLD. (Monica)










Ginger Snap had 1 doeling and 1 buckling, 5/3.

The buckling is the darker one (BLUE EYES). Buckling is SOLD (MikeB)








So Spiffy had 3 bucklings on 5/5. The spotted buckling is SOLD (Levi).



Sparkle had 2 bucklings and 1 doeling. The doeling is on the right and has blue eyes. Doeling SOLD (Caroline). The buckling on the very left is SOLD.


Duchess had one doeling, 5/14. She has blue eyes and is POLLED. PRICE $350. SOLD(Caroline)













Rachel had 2 super cute bucklings, 5/24. They both have BLUE EYES. White buckling with brown spot on back SOLD (MikeB)

Frosted grey and white bucking is SOLD (Sandy)