2018 Nigerian Dwarf Goat Babies

Say HELLO to our Nigerian Dwarf kids for 2018!

Prices on doelings are $250. If the doeling has blue eyes, the price is $300. Contact us about putting a Paypal deposit on your favorites! All Nigerians are registerable with AGS.

Price on bucklings is $150. Wethers are $75. Bucklings with blue eyes are $175.

In the next week or two, we are going to be catching up all those little rascals and taking individual pics of them. It’s hard chasing them all over the field!






Pretty Pansy has 2 doelings, born 4/19

Muffin has 2 doelings, born 4/28.

Doeling in the middle picture with white patch is SOLD (Allison)


Fudge Brownie has 2 doelings, born 4/28. The buckskin doeling on the right has blue eyes. The doeling on the right with blue eyes is SOLD (cody).





Blue Velvet had 1 doeling and 1 buckling, born 5/1. The doeling (on the left) is SOLD. The buckling is on the right and has the cutest topknot!






In A Jiffy had 2 doelings, born 5/2. Both on RESERVE at this time until we take individual pictures. (reserved-Monica)

















Ginger Snap had 1 doeling and 1 buckling, 5/3. The buckling is the darker one.








So Spiffy had 3 bucklings on 5/5. The spotted buckling is SOLD (Levi).


Sparkle had 2 bucklings and 1 doeling. The doeling is on the right and has blue eyes. The buckling on the very left is SOLD.



Duchess had one doeling, 5/14. She has blue eyes.