2015 Nigerian Goat Babies – All kids sold

We’ve reached the end of our 2014-2015 kidding season. Our last two kids are doelings from Taffy Apple. Thank you, Taffy!

All kids will have their CD&T shots before they leave here. Many of the bucklings will not be disbudded as time just got away from us this spring with the goofy weather!

If you have any questions about what is available, go to our Contact page.

I have to reduce our herd of registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. I held back four does, 2 from 2014 and 2 from 2012. These does have not been bred. I’m offering them for sale for $250 each. Two of them are a cream and tan color and two of them are almost solid brown. All but one have blue eyes. The picture I have attached of the brown does was taken when they were very young. All does are disbudded. ALL FOUR DOES ARE SOLD!

fudge brownie twins 2012 white-doeling2-2014bunny's-2014-doe


This is what is available as of 8/30/2015. Two bucklings and two wethers. ALL SOLD

Both bucklings are SOLD. The wethers are still available. SOLD

As of 11/11/2016 ALL GOATS ARE SOLD! We await our Spring 2017 kids!



taffys-2-girls taffys-2-girls2

Brown/tan doeling on the right is SOLD – Scott

Spotted doeling on the left is available, $250 (SOLD – Rita)

Taffy Apple had two girls! They are each $250. They will be ready to go to their new home around August 5th. 



Duchess has one boy and one girl.

The girl is white with blue eyes; 

PRICE ON GIRL: $300  SOLD – Scott

Buckling, $100 SOLD



Bunny Boo has a boy and a girl.

The girl is light brown with blue eyes and is on the right. Price: $300. (ON HOLD – GS)

Price for buckling: $100 SOLD



Above: Ginger Snap has one little girl. PRICE: $300 SOLD (JANA)



Above: Fudge Brownie has 2 boys. Boy in back not avail.

The boy in front is now a wether ($50)




Above: Lacy has a boy and a girl. The girl is on the right.

Doeling is SOLD (Jana) PRICE ON GIRL: $250

Buckling, $100 (ON HOLD – GS)



Above: Pretty Pansy has a boy and a girl. The girl is on the right.

Boy on the left has blue eyes, Price is $200  SOLD

Doeling is SOLD (Donna) PRICE ON GIRL: $300



Above: Sassy has three little boys. Dark boy has blue eyes. His price is $200. RESERVED – JO

The other two bucklings will be wethered, $50 each.



Above: Sparkle has 3 girls (ALL SOLD) and 1 boy. The boy is on the right.

The two doelings on the left in front are SOLD (Shannon)

The remaining doeling on the left in back is SOLD (Jana)

Boy on right, Price: $100 (on reserve for Penny)




 Starlight has one boy and one girl. The girl is the dark one on the right.

Black doeling is on SOLD

Buckling, $100 (on reserve for Penny)



Little Lulu has 2 cute little boys. Price is $100 each. Buckling on right (ON HOLD – GS) ALL SOLD