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Our New Website

Thanks to GoDaddy, our previous website, that we have had for several YEARS, is now gone. They told me I had chosen to have the monthly payment “not renew”, so they closed it. Of course, I would NEVER have chosen to have it not renewed on a monthly basis and it had been going without problems for a long, long, time.

GoDaddy wanted $149.95 to “reinstall” it, back to where it was. No, I wasn’t going to pay them that amount since it was not my fault.

So, here I am, starting from scratch. All the years of goatie pictures aren’t here yet and I’m not sure they will be.

We are about to start our 2018 kidding season and I’ll be posting that information as it happens. In the meantime, if you have already emailed me your interest, I have your emails and will be contacting you as kids arrive. You can email me at terryrune@gmail.com .